Terms & Conditions

Acceptance Of Terms & Conditions

By using the services of Kathaastu, including but not limited to visiting or browsing the website, you agree to these Terms & Conditions and all other policies and operating, operating rules and procedures that will be updated, and published from time to time on the website. These terms and conditions are applicable to consumers/users of Kathaastu’s services, including, without limitation, users who contribute to the content, do the submissions of information or any other material or services, registered or otherwise, on social media, email, in website comments or, without limitation, in any other way.


By visiting or browsing this website, or consuming its content from any third party source, you represent and warrant that you are at least 18 years of age. If you’re under 18 years of age, you must not, under any situation or circumstances, visit the website and consume its information or use our services directly or indirectly. We may, as per our convenience, refuse to offer our services to any individual or an institution/organization and also change our eligibility criteria from time to time. It’s your responsibility to ensure that you’re in compliance with the eligibility criteria every time you’re using our services or consuming our content directly through website or through any third party source. The services are offered only for your use and not for any kind of benefit to any third party, institution or organization.


The term ‘Content’ in these Terms & Conditions means and includes, without limitation, audio clips, information, data, text, videos, written posts, photographs, articles, comments, software, scripts, graphics, and interactive features generated, provided, or otherwise made accessible on or through our website or any other Services.

User Content

All Content created, added, submitted, uploaded, posted, or distributed to the Services by the users (which is collectively termed "User Content"), whether privately transmitted or publicly posted, is the sole responsibility of the individual who created, wrote or originated the User Content. You represent that the entire User Content provided by you is complete, accurate and up-to-date. Also, you represent that the User Content is in compliance with all applicable rules and regulation and the laws. You acknowledge that all the Content, including the User Content, accessed by you on this website or by using our Services is completely at your own risk. For any damage or loss, it will be you who will be solely responsible. We state this upfront that we do not guarantee that any Content you access on our website or through our Services is or will continue to remain 100% accurate.

Intellectual Property Rights

All the rights, interests and titles on the website and our Services, including the Content we receive from users who choose to stay anonymous and will remain the exclusive property of Kathaastu and/or third parties who are the original writers of the posts (as applicable). All the rights, including those not precisely mentioned in this agreement, are reserved by Kathaastu. The content available on our website or through our services can be viewed and used for your entertainment purpose, and should strictly be for non-commercial use only. You are not granted or hold any right to copyrights, patents, trademarks or trade secrets with respect to any Content or material available on our website or any of our services. We reserve all the rights, including the ones not precisely mentioned here. We do not in any way encourage the activities like copyright infringement, intellectual property rights infringement through our website or our Services. It’s our humble request that you proactively notify us in writing, in case if you discover any infringement or any unauthorized use of yours or third party content through our website and our Services or our trade secret, copyright, patent, trademarks or any other intellectual property rights. You further agree that you will not reproduce, copy, distribute, plagiarize, recreate, re post the content available on Kathaastu’s website, or presented in any of our services, unless granted permission from us. You do not hold any right to recreate, reproduce, copy, distribute Kathaastu’s content in any form or medium. If an individual or user wishes to recreate any of the work published on Kathaastu’s website or any of the other platforms, you’re required to take the permission by shooting a mail at info@kathaastu.com. Even if you take the consent of the original content creator, you’re required to keep us in the loop. Upon reaching an agreement with Kathaastu and original content creator, you will have to ensure that complete credit is given to the original creator of the content, in your recreation work with complete and noticeable visibility. The original content creator, along with Kathaastu (if applicable), will have complete rights to terminate the agreement of content’s recreation at any time, for whatever reasons. Kathaastu holds no responsibility, or would not entertain any kind of claims in case a dispute arises between original content creator and the party recreating it.

Intellectual Property Infringement – Reporting

We, at Kathaastu, are very particular about giving credit where it’s due. If you find any of your work unethically used on our website or any other platform we operate, you can report the issue to us at info@kathaastu.com. You’ll be required to furnish the following details: (1) Full name of the person or organization that claims to be the real creator of the content. (2) Full contact information of the person or organization that claims to be the real creator of the content, including address, telephone number and email id. (3) The URL of the post that contains the content you claim to be unethically used. (4) The detailed description of the issue and your claims, including the areas of the content that you think have been unethically used. (5) Proof of the claims like copyright documents, or other links and documents that indicate the work to be originally yours. We take these matters with utmost sincerity. Upon receiving such claims, the writer’s credit will be temporarily removed from the post, until the matter has been resolved. If the claims are proven right, the credits will be given to the original creator of the content, or the content will be removed from the website, depending on what the original writer chooses to do. We do all kinds of cross checking within our limits to ensure the credit is given to the original creator of the post. In case of unethical submissions to us, where there is any kind of loss to the original creator of the post, due to the content published on our website, or any of our other services, including but not limited to, publishing on any third party website through us, or any social media platform, Kathaastu or any of our services will not be responsible for it what so ever. The dispute needs to be resolved between the individual or organization who did the unethical submissions and the original creator of the content.

Third Party Links

Our posts and services may include links, videos, pictures, mobile applications and content that is originally owned and operated by third parties. The content or information on these third party websites may be perceived as inappropriate or offensive by some people. By using our services, you acknowledge that we’re not responsible for any content that belongs to the third party website and mobile application and is beyond our control. We do not hold any responsibility for the content located on or through, or for the availability of any third party website and mobile application. In case if you have concerns regarding such links or any content located on these third party websites and mobile applications, you should contact the administration of the particular website or mobile application for the same. Your use of those third party websites and mobile applications is subject to terms of use and privacy policy of each website and mobile application, and is used at your own risk. The third party links or references that are included on our website or services are just to provide convenience to our users. We neither endorse nor assume liabilities of any kind, for these third party websites and mobile applications, including all of their products and services.


Kathaastu, its website and other services hold the complete right to terminate your access to any part or all of our services at any time, with or without any notice, with or without cause, effective immediately. This may also result in removal, destruction and forfeiture of all the information associated with you on the website, including your comments on the posts or on other platforms, including, but not limited to, all the social media platforms of our website and other services. If you wish to remove any information submitted by you on our website in the any form, including comments or any contribution in any of our content you can do so by shooting us a mail at info@kathaastu.com. If you decide to pull off any of your content on our website or from any of our other services, it should be done upon mutual agreement, keeping the interest of both the parties intact.

Changes To These Terms & Conditions

We keep changing our policies and Terms & Conditions and do not necessarily notify you about the same. You accept that it is your responsibility to keep yourself updated with the terms and conditions whenever we change them. If you continue to use our services and visit our website following any changes to these terms and conditions, it will be taken as your agreement to the new or updated terms and conditions.

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